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I have experience in both large and small companies, having worked with early stage candidates through commercial products, developing IP strategies and lifecycle plans for Viracept®, Macugen®, Sutent®, Xalatan®, and Spiriva®.

In addition, I have experience in a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic areas, and medical devices, including respiratory, ophthalmology, oncology, virology, diabetes/obesity, anaphylaxis, gastroinestinal and esophageal disorders, and brain health.  Devices have included Twinject®, eFlow®, Spiros®, and drug-eluting stents. Diagnostic tests have included Crohn's Prognostic Test, IBD sgi®, ANSER®, and IBcause®.

Underlying my experience in managing IP for candidates and products is a solid base of research and development demonstrated in 10 issued US patents, 20 peer-reviewed publications, and 1 book chapter.

Clients have included Meritage Pharma, Elevation Pharmaceuticals, Reva Medical, Pfizer, Cadence Pharmaceuticals, Nerveda, and Ocea Pharmaceuticals. Projects have included IP strategic planning, patent claim drafting and review, competitive patent expirations, prior art searching, and due diligence. I have also filed and prosecuted patent applications for a number of individual inventors.


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